Rainbow Unity

Written by DJ Lincks

Rainbow Unity is the newest FRCC Westminster Campus run club that provides students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations a safe environment to truly be themselves. Although it is LGBTQ directed, it is not exclusive to the community and encourages students of all backgrounds to participate. I was fortunate enough to speak with Spencer Hall, co-founder of the club, about its mission and goals. Hall describes Rainbow Unity as a “Safe Place for people of all backgrounds,” while also emphasizing the importance of being able to openly speak about diversity within the school and issues not only pertaining to those of the LGBTQ community, but those that apply to any student. Meeting will involve members being able to comfortably hang out and have opportunities to discuss issues that they may be struggling with on a day-to-day basis. Eventually, the club plans to host events for issues that involve and extend beyond the LGBTQ community, those including mental health awareness and homelessness. A large goal of Rainbow Unity is to be able to provide resources that will help students with situations outside of school. “Rainbow Unity is a student organization at Front Range Community College’s Westminster Campus, created to give students the environment to be who they really are. We as an organization are formed to create a refuge and organization to fight for the rights of anyone that may feel oppressed. Though formed for the queer community by the queer community, our mission is not only to provide space for the only those who identify with the LGBTQA+ community but any student that wants to be themselves.

This is a safe space for everyone! We are all human here.” – Matthew Bires, cofounder of Rainbow Unity.

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