SGA Vice Presidential Candidate Nicole Le Febre Hopes to Connect with FRCC Students

When she joined Student Government Association two semesters ago, Front Range Community College student Nicole Le Febre, hoped that the organization would play to her social side. “I wanted to have conversations with other students and find out what they wanted,” she said. As an SGA representative, Le Febre took those wants and used them to make a difference at the institution.


Last semester, for example, Le Febre worked with SGA to improve the Wi-Fi speeds at FRCC. “As a student representative, I pushed for faster Wi-Fi, because it was something that the students really wanted and needed,” she said. And, after reporting this student concern for FRCC President Andrew Dorsey, the school updated the Internet speed.

“I just like to talk to people: see how their classes are going, see what I can do to make their FRCC experience better,” Le Febre said. Although Le Febre made a difference as a student representative, she understands that more power equals more influence. Thus, Le Febre’s name is on the ballot for SGA Vice President, for whom students vote on April 27 and 28.

As Vice President, Le Febre hopes to bridge the gap between students and FRCC leadership. “I want to be a liaison,” she said, “to make student concerns known, and do something about them.”

“By observing the [SGA] President and Vice President this past year, I have an idea of what I want to do as a vice president. I want to continue advocating for the students, but in a bigger way.” Le Febre still intends to converse with the students, but in a position of power, she can bring those conversations directly to President Dorsey.

Le Febre’s main goal as Vice President is to increase cohesion among FRCC organizations. “I want to get FRCC together. There’s so much separation.” She wants SGA to take an active role in events on campus, because in order to truly represent the students, SGA must participate with them.

“I want to find [SGA’s] purpose. Why are we here? What are we going to do to inspire students to better themselves?”

As SGA elections approach, students must decide who can best represent them. “I can represent the students, because I am a student,” Le Febre said.

Written by Kayla Klein

Photo provided by Nicole Le Febre

Denver Concerts Are Can’t Miss Attractions

Denver is often referred to as “The Oasis” by musicians all over the world. The Front Range is one of the best places to see live music in Colorado, as well as in the United States. Red Rocks Amphitheater is one of the most coveted music venues in the world. Dazzle Jazz and El Chapultepec are jazz institutions with decades of history melded into the walls. Beta Nightclub is a favorite of D.J.’s and club goers. No matter your taste in music or your budget, there’s a show for you to see in Denver.

As an avid music lover and college student, I have to balance my joy of going to shows with my budget. This is no simple task, considering I live in one of the best places to see live music on the planet, there’s a place for everyone in the Colorado music scene.

If I’m tight on money, one way to see music without sacrificing much cash is to look for jam sessions or open mic nights. A Denver institution is the Monday Night Jazz Jam at the Meadowlark. This is a low-key and free event that guarantees to please, as many of the best jazz cats in Denver come out to swing. There’s no cover fee, and this is an all-ages event, perfect for brushing off those Monday blues.

If you have a bit more of a budget, I recommend buying dinner and catching a show at Dazzle Jazz. You’ll quickly understand why it’s a national landmark.

Denver is also home to a plethora of mid-level venues that cater to the budget conscious.

Looking for a rock show? Check out the Hi-Dive or Larimer Lounge. Like EDM? Clubs like Beta and The Funky Buddha are great places to start. Looking for a grab bag of music? Check out Cervantes and The Otherside, a duel venue that sports a huge variety music every night of the week.

A trip to Red Rocks Amphitheater is a must for any music lover. While it may exert your budget more than the above venues, Red Rocks is an experience worth saving for. Between the scenery and the acoustics, there is no place better.  With a huge variety of performers, a wide selection of films and even yoga and health events, there is truly something for everyone.

2015 Brit Floyd concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Summer in Colorado is a special time of year, and every resident should enjoy it to the fullest. With so many options to see live music every night of the week the Denver music scene is almost overwhelming. The best way to find shows to fit your taste and budget is to investigate “The Oasis.” You’ll find the musical waters deep but soothing.

Written by Christopher Kemp

Photo from KPBS