FRCC is One of Few Community Colleges to Initiate Guided Pathways

One of our most fundamental, mammalian systems is the collection and dissemination of information from old generations to new. Without education, I would not know how to cook, speak, write or be a human. Continue reading “FRCC is One of Few Community Colleges to Initiate Guided Pathways”

FRCC’s Wiffle Ball Tournament

Wiffle ball began as a casual backyard activity, but over the years, has drifted its way into the abyss of sports in America. Although Wiffle ball remains casual, the popularity behind the sport has been on a steady increase since its invention in 1953. Continue reading “FRCC’s Wiffle Ball Tournament”

Struggles of Single Parent Students

“Nobody can imagine or tell you how hard being a parent is, but never mind being a full-time single parent and full-time student,” said Anna Sliviak, single parent and student at Front Range Community College-Westminster. Continue reading “Struggles of Single Parent Students”

Stand Against Gender Based Violence

Front Range Community College professor, Dr. Cecilia Gowdy-Wygant, facilitated a gender dialogue luncheon on March 9 to discuss gender based violence. This event occurred second in a series of presentations about gender dialogue through a co-curricular learning experience grant, funded by Student Life and presented by FRCC’s Women’s Studies program. Continue reading “Stand Against Gender Based Violence”

Read More, Get Hired

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important characteristics that employers look for, but it is often the most over looked in education. Emotional intelligence, or soft skills, is a person’s ability to connect and work with the people around them in an emotional and effective way. Continue reading “Read More, Get Hired”

What FRCC Students Need to Know About Mumps in Colorado

According to Colorado state health officials, a small outbreak of Parotitis (Mumps) in the Denver area was discovered in February. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a warning upon confirming four cases, and since then, two more cases have arisen. Continue reading “What FRCC Students Need to Know About Mumps in Colorado”

Don’t Miss the Diversity Dialogues on March 15th

Diversity Dialogues at FRCC provide students the opportunity to engage in discussions that are rare held in daily life yet are becoming increasingly more important to have in a highly-connected and diverse world.

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How Much Do You Know About Concurrent Enrollment at FRCC?

Front Range Community College’s hallways are filled with students of all kinds, including those still in high school. The College Now program at FRCC allows high school students to take college classes for dual credits.

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Front Range Community College’s diverse student body gives root to an abundance of successful students. Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society for two-year colleges, embraces diversity and compensates students for success.

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Deadline is Sign-Up for Leadership Retreat is Friday

Need to get away during spring break? Students can travel to Estes Park with Altitude on March 25 and 26 for the annual leadership retreat.

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